Matt Corr


Matt is a senior Integration Manager with over 15 years’ experience in the IT Industry. He has worked in various fields such as Government, Financial, Transport, Military and the private sector.  He is proficient in multiple technical solution areas including development, testing, deployment, support and infrastructure. Matt has extensive experience both as an active team member and sole developer. He is highly organised, disciplined, drives process improvement, has excellent communication skills and is proactive in finding the best solution for a client.

Technical Skills & Experience:

Matt has 3 years of experience with Microsoft Biztalk across the entire software lifecycle process. For many years, Matt was the sole developer and administrator for a BizTalk installation, which included multiple developer and test environments. Matt has extensive experience across the Microsoft Enterprise stack including C#, Visual Studio, SQL Server, Windows Server and networking.

Matt also has extensive experience in administrating and creating content for the Atlassian Confluence wiki allowing him to improve internal documentation and collaboration processes.