Cloud & On-Premises Integration

Imagine Cloud, SaaS and Legacy platforms: secure, integrated, and at your command. Bring your IT out of the shadows and innovate, with Mexia

The proliferation of apps and the rise of “Shadow IT” can be a double edged sword. While the deployment of apps may solve an immediate business problem, they also don’t typically talk to legacy systems or each other leading to silos of information and a management nightmare. However, it doesn’t need to be this way. You can meet the needs of your business units for innovation while still maintaining your legacy environment.

The key to making all of this work is integration. We take your multiple platforms and applications and make them function as a single, seamless service. Application proliferation is no longer a concern.

Digital & API Strategy Enablement

Customers want integrated, mobile experiences. Mexia can build the integration layers that enable them.

The digital world doesn’t stand still. Your customers, suppliers and even staff expect to be able to connect and transact with you from any device at any time.

This doesn’t have to mean changing the way you work. It means enhancing your existing processes – not replacing your platforms – in order to embrace the mobility revolution.

We are experts at extending your existing systems into the digital sphere, granting you the fullest scope of the connected world without having to replace your on-premises operations.

Business Transformation

Connect. Collaborate. Conduct. The core of all business functions, and the secret to the truly efficient business.

Disruption is key to any successful transformation, and the enablement of new business channels. Mexia will help you orchestrate it, to get the best results.

When customers want responses in hours, not days, you need automated business processes. Better data quality, and seamless integration with business partners. It’s about optimisation, efficiency. Ultimately, it’s about allowing room to innovate.

If your organisation is re-platforming – retiring old systems, implementing new ones – Mexia can orchestrate a solution that ensures your operations work as they always have. We can reshape, consolidate, and refine your processes, so your business never skips a beat.

Data Insights & Internet of Things

Connecting the physical world with devices grants insight into the assets you own, and the customers and staff you interact with.

Knowledge is power. The challenge today is in tracking, collecting, managing and making use of such vast flows of information.

Mexia can remove the veil, allowing you to see how many people walk into your store. How many resources your conveyor belts are conducting. Down to the smallest data, the tiniest detail. Freeing you to make better decisions, when you need to make them.

Imagine electronic visibility into all your operations, all your transactions. Mexia can help provide insights never before possible, at a fraction of the cost you might expect. Better, richer ways to work with your staff, supporting your customer’s customer.

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